As a steady foundation, lasting from now to ever

One seed can lead to a sky high tree, thousands of forests.

By lasting between heaven and earth, one giant achieve the vision and potential to raise the position of a city in the world.


Station-front Urban Center

Stand at the center of Tainan,

the focus in sky at ShanHua.

From ShanHua station, connect whole the world.

This project links to whole your world, 5 minutes to Freeway 1, Freeway 3, Freeway 8, then 10 minutes to Tree Valley Park and Tainan CBDs, 15 minutes to the pretty domestic culture, and the convenient life functions around station, constructing our own universe .

International Visions

Now, comes ShanHua, next international city.

20 years before, comes Xinyi commercial district, Taipei.

15 years before, comes 7th redevelopment zone, Taichuang.

10 years before, comes Museum of Fine Arts and farm 16th redevelopment zone.

All the treasures of the earth would not bring back one lost moment.When chance show up, grasp is better than regret. Reserve ShanHua, a city combining industries, economic and traffic together, and win a pioneer position in next new international city, before civic center become a truth.

New City Center

First landmark at new civic center,reserve the focus of future.

New civic center will choose from three locations, northern side of Mujialiuwan Blvd at ShanHua, surrounding areas of zones A,B,C in Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) or surrounding areas of KanXi

As plan of new Tainan civic center is motivated, this project has new links to districts nearby, STSP, Tree Valley Park and Xinshi Industrial Park.

Mansion1 occupies the axis of industrial and urban development and earn the strength of investment and appreciation to expect that a bright future comes true.


Station-front MRT Living Perimeters

First New life begins from station, with convenience visiting anywhere in Tainan in 20 mins.

0 distance to Shanhua station

3 mins to STSP station|southern Taiwan science park

7 mins to Xinshi station|Tree Valley Park

20 mins to Tainan CBD|National Cheng Kung University

5mins to Confucian temple, Fort Provintia

8mins to Haian Business District, Shennong St

10mins to Flower Night Market

13mins to Tainan Spinning Mall

19mins to Anping Port National Historical Scenic Area

20mins to Chi Mei Museum

Railroad Economy Visions

One Track from station,

links to the range of world.

1 min walk to Shanhua station, then one stop arrive STSP. The track will also reach Tainan station and you can take Sharon line to Taiwan High Speed Rail to travel around whole Taiwan. Furthermore, by 40mins train and Kaohsiung MRT, you can arrive at Kaohsiung international airport to flight to anywhere on earth.

Railroad Economy Visions

Invest the station economic for the future.

Along the railway economics, by one stop open the imagination of world, Shanhua station will be the pivot to the international future. Live in city center, and invest in station area, help you to win the raising railway hot money.